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Compassionate care specializing in elderly, fearful, and sensitive pets.


Itchy - The Drity Dawg Mascot hard at work... 
Well, somebody has to keep track of the towels... 
Click here for Itchy's Story. 

" Itchy - a contradiction of impressions"

Itchy couldn’t jump onto the couch -- but knew she wanted to be there. She trembled and tried her hardest not to flinch when I reached for her, but in her little heart, she knew WITHOUT A DOUBT that little girls are wonderful friends, so she slathered my little grand-daughter with kisses and begged to be picked up!

Meanwhile, I figgered out that she would "YIP" if she needed to poo outside, but would discreetly piddle on the bathroom rug. I mean really, if you gotta piddle inside – is there a better place?

Without a doubt Itchy KNOWS SHE IS A RANCH DAWG! She absolutely loves to go on rides with the Big Dawgs and the mules! Of course, a ride home ON a mule is only the just due of a Princess Dawg! The view from above is far superior and low-keyed growls and yips keep the world in line.
Always ready to ride - even bareback!! 
Rydem cow dawg! 
Ahhhh, this is the life! 

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Cathy has been my close friend for over 40 years. Also having a background in the greyhound industry, Cathy will not only be bringing scads of dog handling experience, but also her business acumen to the shop.  Training here in the shop, attending various grooming classes at Pet Expo in Las Vegas, coupled with ongoing dermatology training with local veterinarians, I'm sure you will all be pleased with the quality of her work (and yes, she does Iguanas too!).

Tools of the trade 

It is Diane's philosophy that the haircut is only part of the process.  A calm, relaxed dog is the key to a successful finished product.

The following prices are estimates only (dependant upon matts, coat density and length) and are somewhat negotiable.


$40 up to Shu Shih Tzu size

$45 up to small Aussie size
$50 Cocker size

$55 - $75 up to Labrador size

$65 - $95 for giants (Labradoodles, Danes, Rotties, Akitas, etc.)

BASIC WASH: brush out, bath with appropriate shampoo, blow dry and comb out.  Nails gently filed and anal glands expressed.  Flea and Tick shampoos no extra charge, however, some of the specialty and medicated shampoos may require a small extra charge.

Tidy-Up Clip includes face, bottoms of feet, tummy, and sanitary areas) and is slightly extra with bath.


Again, these are ball park figures, let’s talk!

Please help us maintain our cage free status--potty your dog before coming in! I will happily clean up the parking lot. 
 Looks can be deceiving!
1.  Not brushing DEEP enough can lead to moist skin and resulting bald spots. This dawg’s owner did not want a complete shave down, but it was necessary with the needed skin treatments and bald spots. 
2. I had to first attempt a shave with a #7 blade just to be able to really get the dog clean, here are some of the problems I encountered under her visually glorious coat… 

3. Bald spot; red and irritated, flaking skin. This was a clean, well cared for dog--I suspect that the heavy coat made thorough rinsing of shampoo difficult, and also hard to dry completely.

4. THIS rear end is where that smell was coming from! This is the doggy equivalent of a diaper rash. 
As you can see, this is a well-loved little dawg, but the owner was unaware of the importance of having a professional care for the long, thick coat. Regular grooming ensures that your pet does not suffer from underlying skin conditions.

And now for a quiet moment...


Before & After 

Roll over the pictures of Max & Wheaton to see the transformation.
Max Wheaton
Triple tiny tots - Before Triple tiny tots -

Click on Molly's picture.

This little cutie was quite a chore...
She has pretty big ears and I reeeeally had to thin out her mane due to matts.
In order to bring you the best service possible, we are constantly attending classes and seminars. For this reason we will be closing the shop on the following dates:

July 20th through the 24th
September 14th through the 20th

Please check your calendars and schedule your dogs accordingly. 
In order to maintain our "cage-free" philosophy, we will no longer be accepting any male or female dogs who are over 6 months old and have not been spayed or neutered (intact).

Additionally, a $30 non-refundable deposit (will be applied to your board) is required for all dogs. The deposit required for all dogs for holiday stays is $50 (again, will be applied to your board). If you have any questions, please give us a call.

A Full Service Shop

Located in South Chandler, The Dirty Dawg Salon is a full service shop. We offer grooming, boarding and daycare for all sizes and types of animals.

 Owner/Operator Diane Lisonbee has had a lifelong affinity for animals. From horses to snakes, I have the experience to handle them all in a calm, authoritative manner that garners instant respect and trust from the most unruly or fearful animals.

My background as an artist gives me the anatomical knowledge to realize that many situations of resistance are actually based upon fear of pain. A simple adjustment in the way of holding a leg can bring relief to a stiff hip or knee.

Realizing that most undesirable behaviors are based upon boredom, My farm atmosphere provides stimulus and interest on a steady basis, rather than hours of boredom and isolation punctuated by hysterical excitement.

Offering leashes and collars for sale, The Dirty Dawg Salon will also offer classes on obedience and home grooming.


 All about Diane


In the spring of 2005, I acquired ownership of a dog grooming business in south Chandler. The exiting owner supplied a brief training period before handing over the keys. Self-taught from that point forward, I dove into my new career with cheerful optimism.

 Just as I got comfortable, the feedstore housing the shop burned down! Over the next four years, my new shop was slowly constructed on our home acreage.  In the interim, I worked out of the back yard, a construction office, a horse trailer, the patio and then the garage.
As more and more customers requested boarding, I realized that there is a real need for quality “home style” care - yet in a professional manner.


 Diane is now certified in
Pet CPR and First Aid!



There are kennels all over town where you can put your dog in a cage and know they are safe, so why come to us instead? Because when you take a vacation, shouldn't your devoted friend have one too? That being said, would you spend YOUR vacation in a cage? They too can have fun through the "farm experience" they will be engaged in here.

While here, your best friend will be having as much fun as you are! Situated on five acres of rural life, The Dirty Dawg Salon is a dog's dream! There are farm smells and sights to be safely absorbed in our unique, sensory-filled environment. During their stay, they will be allowed to be a DAWG for a couple of days (don't worry, they will get a free, professional rinse-off before you pick them up).

We offer several beds (open or closed cage) for sleeping.
Large dogs are separated from small in different fenced enclosures.  Littles have complete access to the shop through a doggy door in the wall, out to a covered kennel with a view of the barn and arena.


Bigger dogs have a fenced yard with close proximity to chickens, goats and horses in the pasture. The pasture jack rabbit population offers riveting moments throughout the day and a nice cool wading pool offers tons of afternoon fun!


All dogs are walked a minimum of 4 times a day, length dependent upon weather.


All dogs sleep in air conditioned comfort, with a walk first and last thing each day, 8 am and 9 pm respectively.

Your dog will ALWAYS have company - whether its me and Itchy during grooming hours, out on the patio, or in the barnyard. Between my very gentle labs, Itchy, and I, your dog will continuously be surrounded by friendly faces and fun-loving campanions. In addition, any time your dog is enclosed in the outdoor kennels during the day (only when I am home), one or both of my labs will be with them.

Your dog's behavior and temerament will determine the amount of exposure they recieve and the types of activities they will be engaged in.

Best of all, we know they will be too busy having fun to write so we make sure you can follow their adventures on the Dirty Dawg's Facebook!


* $30 per night per dog

Your dog must be completely potty trained, non-aggressive, and obedient. We will accept dogs with minor behavorial issues, however, there will be additional charges incurred for the extra labor and training involved.

What to bring

We aim to make your dog’s stay just as much fun as your vacation! We want them to know that this is a temporary situation, and therefore to be more calm during the visit.

* Your dog’s bed/ bedding.
* A worn teeshirt that smells like “home”.
* Leash and collar with current tags.
* Dog food and any treats.

We want to make sure everyone is on the same page, so we feel inclined to provide you with the following information (you got it - the boring stuff):



* Please make a reservation for your dog as soon as possible, especially
prior to major holidays as we book up fast.
* A $50 non-refundable deposit is required for all holiday boarding reservations.
* Reservations can be made for both non-holiday and holidays via phone: (602)622-0971; though our website (click here to make reservation); or just walk-in to schedule! Current paperwork and vaccination records must be on file at time of boarding.
* Major holidays are considered Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.
* A $10 per night increase will apply during major holidays.

A contract will be required at time of reservation.


* For non-holiday reservations, please give us 48 hours notice - no charge will be accrued.
* For holiday reservations, please give us five days notice. If five days is not given, then 50% of the original boarding fee will be required as payment.

General Health

* All pets at The Dirty Dawg Salon must be healthy and free of any contagious illnesses. If your pet is exhibiting any symptoms that may suggest illness such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing, runny eyes or nose, vomiting, lethargy, or diarrhea, we will not be able to admit them at our hotel. We are happy to refer ill dogs and cats to local veterinarians that board pets.
* All guests must be on an active flea and tick preventative. Dogs with flea or tick problems will be bathed at the owner's expense. Excessive (50+) tick removal will be charged $20 extra (above cost of bath).
* We expect you to bring an ample supply of your own dog's food. this is important as changing food can cause severe upset stomach. Please bring food in a resealable container or bag.
* The Dirty Dawg Salon will give all non-injectable medications as specified. Please make sure all medication is clearly labled and dosage instructions are included.

Bedding & Toys

* Please bring your dog's own bed; having some of THEIR OWN stuff will make your pet feel more "at home". You are welcome to bring your own treats and any toys your dog may enjoy, however, we cannot guarantee that toys OR beds will be returned in the same condition that they arrive in.

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